Products & Services


Set-Up, Modify, Interact, Assist with Settings, Security, Terminology and Purposes of (Inbox, Outbox, Draft, Labels, Folders, Create New, Send, Reply, Forward, Attachments, Archive, Spam, Signature, etc.

Calendar of Events with specific time, date, location, subjects involved, reschedules, requirements, restrictions, synchronization, etc.

Customized and Tailored to specific needs.

Outline, Timeline, Presenter/Speaker, Items.

Detailed account of items discussed, voted on, List of attendants, Outcomes, etc.

Using various operating systems and programs for efficient functionality of input and output of information.

Social Media Platforms Set Up, Modify, Interact, Security, etc.


Web host, Plans, Site Name, Domain Set Up, Theme, Content, Links, Advertisement, Media, Copyright, Settings, Tools, Dashboard, etc.

Design, Name, Style, Colors, Layout, Content, Watermark, Copyright, etc.

Assist in Converting Thoughts & Ideas into Written Form. Assist with Grant Writing, Business Plans, SWOT Analysis, Construct, Format, Proofread, Edit, Review, etc.

Strategic Planning
Step-by-Step Plan of Action Prioritize, Goal Setting, Time Management, Research, Search & Gather Resources, Implementation, Monitor, Coach, Provide Feedback, etc.

Vision & Mission Statement
Brainstorm, Verbiage, Edit, Copyright, etc.

Forms Customized and Tailored to specific needs. i.e. Applications, Invoices, Questionnaires, Evaluations, Requests, Progress Reports, etc.

Agreements/Contracts Bill of Sale, Intents, Payment Agreements, etc.

Templates Customized and Tailored to specific needs. Canva, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Manuals Trainings, Step-by-Step Instructions, Quick Guides, Operations, Policies & Procedures, FAQs, etc. Start to Finish, Content, Format, Edit, Bind, Distribute, etc.

Descriptions Detailed Narrative of topics, products, services, categories, groups, requirements, guidelines, by-laws, expectations, etc.

Charts/Graphs Visual representation and display of specific information in various distinct forms for easier understanding and presentation.

List/Directory/Menu Inventory, To-Do, Price Lists, Alpha-Numeric Itemized Order of Information, Description of Items/Product/Services, etc.

Curriculum Academic, Bible Study, Groups, Programs, etc.

Modules Step-by-Step, Interactive, Descriptive, etc.

Presentations Customized and Tailored to specific needs. Digital-PowerPoint, Printable-Handbook, etc.

Portfolio Professional compilation of relevant information.

Resume Cover Sheet, Reference Page, etc.

Brochure Digital, Printable, 1 page to multi-page, etc.

Flyers Digital, Printable, Reader-friendly, relevant information for distribution, etc.

Newsletter Digital/Printable, Time-sensitive, detailed and significant information for distribution, Campaigns, etc.

Business Cards Digital, Printable. Business demographics, Infographics, Announcements, Invitations, etc.

Letterhead Digital, Printable, etc.










Basic to Intermediate

Knowledge & Skills Training in:

Digital Systems

  • Types
    • Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone
    • Start Up
      • ID, Passwords, Navigate, Synchronize, etc.
    • Software
      • Operating system, File Management, Utilities, Storage, Internal Hard drive, etc.
    • Hardware
      • Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, External Hard drive, etc.
    • Programs
      • Microsoft Office365, Google Apps, Trello, Photoshop, Canva, Watermark, WordPress, etc.
    • Short-Cuts
    • Security/Protection
    • Language


  • What, When, Where, How
    • ISP, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.
    • Set Up Accounts
    • Security/Protection
    • Search, Keywords, Filters, etc.
    • Credibility
      • .com, .net, .gov, .org