Integrity Team

The vision of IntegrityBSSLLC is to create partnerships through Independent Contractors, providing multiple streams of services, support, and solutions to a diverse group of individuals, businesses and organizations.

Meet our team of knowledgeable, skilled professionals.


Hello Everyone, I am Evelyn, co-founder of IntegrityBSSLLC. Over the course of the past 45+ years, I have been engaged in multiple streams of education, training and work experience in my obsession with learning, understanding, developing, and all things technology, owning my very first mechanical device similar to the typewriter on the cover page as…


Hi, we are Simon & Evelyn Chaisson. Founders, Owner/Operators and Independent Contractors of Integrity Business Support & Solutions, LLC Day One We have known for quite some time that owning a small business was something we both wanted. We knew we would “be lenders and not borrowers’. We knew the Lord was faithful and trustworthy,…