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Web host, Plans, Site Name, Domain Set Up, Theme, Content, Links, Advertisement, Media, Copyright, Settings, Tools, Dashboard, etc.


Design, Name, Style, Colors, Layout, Content, Watermark, Copyright, etc.


Assist in Converting Thoughts & Ideas into Written Form. Assist with Grant Writing, Business Plans, SWOT Analysis, Construct, Format, Proofread, Edit, Review, etc. .

Strategic Planning

Step-by-Step Plan of Action Prioritize, Goal Setting, Time Management, Research, Search & Gather Resources, Implementation, Monitor, Coach, Provide Feedback, etc.

Vision & Mission Statement

Brainstorm, Verbiage, Edit, Copyright, etc.


Forms, Agreements, Contracts, Templates, Manuals, Descriptions, Charts, Graphs, Lists, Directories, Menus, Curriculum, Modules, Presentations, Portfolios, Resume, Brochure, Flyers, Newsletter, Business Cards, Letterhead

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