Hi, we are Simon & Evelyn Chaisson.

Founders, Owner/Operators and Independent Contractors of Integrity Business Support & Solutions, LLC

Day One

We have known for quite some time that owning a small business was something we both wanted. We knew we would “be lenders and not borrowers’. We knew the Lord was faithful and trustworthy, but that was about all we knew when it came to entrepreneurship.

So we prayed, we fasted, and we waited…

We didn’t have a plan, we just brainstormed, tossing around different ideas of what we thought it would be, what we were willing to try, but all of our ideas were shut down before we even took the first step. So we prayed and fasted and waited…and waited some more…

Fast Forward 13 years…

Then the day finally came, but we didn’t initially know it was “The Day”.

It started with a simple phone call from some beloved friends of ours in need of a simple favor. They were traveling back home to Texas after spending a weekend brainstorming about starting their first small business. The area they were traveling in that day had very limited internet access and they needed to submit some paperwork to their attorney, but were still several hours away from their home, so naturally I, Evelyn obliged and we thought that was the end of that.

Then she called again, and of course apologized for bothering me, but had another small favor to ask. Needless to say, we spent the next few hours working together, via phone, to register their new LLC with the Secretary of State’s office, purchase their business license, apply for a Tax ID number, created a business email account, set up a business account with SBA, then handled a few important email exchanges.

The following morning I received notification that funds were on the way. I had no intentions of charging our friends for doing those favors. But when I called to let them know, they informed me that there was more to come, they needed my help with other small business legalities and wanted to honor my time and abilities by sending funds as they would normally spend for services elsewhere.

Then came the Big Ask…

How much will you charge to do ABC?? Do you know how to do XYZ?? What about LMNOP?? Can you please provide us with a list of services you can assist us with and a price list?

Then our friends said, you sure have lots of skills and abilities, you could start a business, and that is how the list of Products & Services was created.

Years of administrative, management and development experience working with the various companies and organizations instilled lots of knowledge, skills, and abilities I hadn’t even realized until it was pitched to me in a different way. Everything else just fell into place shortly after that, to where we are now!

So here we are, walking it out in obedience, following His Lead, learning, creating, and growing a small business. Stay Tuned!


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